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After Invisalign: What’s Next?

After Invisalign: What’s Next?

As you near the end of your Invisalign treatment you're probably wondering what happens next. Here, our Surrey dentist explains a little about what you can expect once your treatment is complete.


The maintenance portion of your treatment will begin immediately after your Invisalign treatment is complete. This means that you will now need to wear a retainer.

Following any form of orthodontic treatment, your teeth will not be as firmly set in the surrounding tissues as they once were. This loosening is a result of the straightening process. That means you're going to need to wear a retainer for awhile, to keep your teeth from shifting back out of position.

In order to give your teeth an opportunity to settle into their new positions, at first you will probably need to wear your retainer full time. However, after awhile you will likely be able to downgrade to part-time retainer wear only on certain days in a week, or maybe even just at night.

Teeth Whitening

Often our Invisalign patients decide to whiten their teeth once their Invisalign treatment is finished. Teeth whitening helps to complete the look and highlight their straight new smiles!

If you'd like to whiten your smile, contact us to make an appointment with your Surrey dentist at Cloverdale Crossing Dental Group!

Regular Dental Checkups

While you’ll no longer have to attend the extra Invisalign-specific checkup appointments, you will still need to continue visiting your dentist regularly after Invisalign treatment is complete. Cleanings and checkups every 6 months are key to keeping your straight new smile healthy and bright. 

A Straight, Beautiful Smile

Congratulations! It goes without saying that the very best thing about being done with your Invisalign treatment will be the beautiful, straight smile you’ll have as a result!

If you have more questions about what to expect after your Invisalign treatment, contact our dentists for a consultation today!

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