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How to Care for Your Dentures

How to Care for Your Dentures

To keep your smile looking great, it's important to care for your dentures as carefully as you would care for your natural teeth. Here are a few tips from our Surrey dentist on how to keep your dentures in tip-top condition. 

Clean Your Dentures Daily 

Just like natural teeth, it's important to clean your dentures thoroughly each and every day.

Do not use toothpaste on your dentures. Store bought toothpaste can damage dentures. Use a soft bristle denture brush and plain water to thoroughly clean your dentures. Take care to clean every area of your denture and be careful not to bend any of the attachments as you brush.

Whenever you finish eating, remember to rinse your dentures with water to help remove any small bits of food particles that may be stuck on your dentures.

Soak Your Dentures Every Night

To help loosen plaque and tartar, remove your dentures each night and soak them in denture cleaner, or a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

Note: Only use warm water to soak your dentures if they have metal attachments. 

It's important to note that soaking your dentures is not a substitute for cleaning them properly! To keep your dentures in tip top condition, soak them each night and brush them every day.

Treat Your Dentures With Care

Placing a folded towel in the sink, (or on the bathroom vanity), while you are handling your dentures can help to keep your dentures safe. The towel will act as a cushion and help to protect your dentures from being damaged if you accidentally drop them. 

To prevent dentures them from drying out, soak them in water whenever you aren't wearing them.

Denture solutions could tarnish the metal. If your dentures have metal attachments do not use denture solutions. 

Never use hot water to clean your dentures. Heat can damage your dentures and may even cause them to warp.

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