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Tips for Sticking with Invisalign Treatment

Consistent use is a critical component of successful Invisalign treatment. Here are some pointers from our Cloverdale Crossing Dental Group dentists to assist you in maintaining your Invisalign treatment schedule.

How can I make it easier to stick with my Invisalign treatment?

You've started your Invisalign treatment and are well on your way to achieving a more attractive smile. Congratulations! At first, it may feel overwhelming as you adjust to your new treatment and get used to wearing your clear aligners.

Getting used to your new routine will take practice, patience, and dedication. Our


dentists share some tips to help you get the most out of your Invisalign treatment.

Commit to Wearing Your Invisalign Aligners Full-Time

It can be difficult adjusting to your new lifestyle with your clear aligners, but it's important to commit to your treatment process. 

You'll need to wear your aligners for the majority of the day — approximately 22 hours per day — for them to function properly and assist you in achieving your goals by the end of your treatment. You will take your aligners out to eat, drink, and brush your teeth, but they must be put back in immediately following these activities.

When patients are not diligent about meeting their recommended wear time, it can cause issues and cause your Invisalign treatment schedule to fall behind.

If you frequently forget to replace your aligners after performing a routine activity, such as brushing your teeth in the morning, set a reminder on your phone. Certain apps can monitor your wear time to ensure that you adhere to the recommended time frame as closely as possible.

Clean Your Aligners While You Eat 

Because you won't be able to wear your aligners while eating anyway, take advantage of this time to clean your trays by soaking them in a cleaning solution.

Soak them in a diluted solution of Invisalign cleaning solution, mouthwash, or denture cleaner (make sure none of these are coloured, as coloured solutions will stain your aligners). Do this twice a week to keep your aligners fresh and clean. When not in use, gently brush your clear aligners with a mild antibacterial soap and water solution, rinsing thoroughly before replacing them. This should inhibit the growth of bacteria, which can result in bad breath and tooth damage.

Make Wearing Your Aligners More Comfortable

When you first begin wearing Invisalign, you may notice that the aligners' edges feel strange in your mouth, and many patients find themselves running their tongue along the trays' edges. This can result in tongue cuts that become painful sores.

While this problem should improve after your mouth gets used to the aligners, you can use dental wax in the meantime to cover any rough edges and keep your tongue from being cut. 

Learn to Speak With Your Aligners In 

When you first begin wearing your aligners in your mouth, you will almost certainly hear yourself speaking with a lisp. This is completely normal as your mouth adjusts to the presence of your aligners. Once you've adapted, your speech should gradually return to normal. Meanwhile, engage in conversation with a friend, sing along to your favourite songs, or read aloud for practice.

Looking for more information on how to stick to your Invisalign treatment? For assistance, contact Cloverdale Crossing Dental Group right away.

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